HW Photo & Safaris Destinations: Polar Bear Moms and Cubs 2024


Polar Bear Moms and Cubs. March, 2024. 

In March, 2024 we will be going to Wapusk National Park to photograph polar bear moms and cubs.  


The season where moms and cubs are coming out of their dens is only six weeks long. When you see polar bear babies coming out of the den for the first time it is one of the most rewarding and amazing events you can witness in wildlife photography. 

Picture of polar bear hugging her cub

It is also one of the most risky trips from a wildlife photographer's perspecive. Every year people go up to this lodge and every year some photographers go up for 4-6-8 days and don't see any bears at all. 

I have been up to this lodge 6 times. I have never been skunked, It is all about timing, some luck and how long you book. My group will have 13 photography days in the middle of the season thus maximizing our opportunity for sightings. We will likely be there longer than any other group. It is better to pay more and come back with great images, than pay the minimum and risk coming back with nothing. 

Picture of polar bear hugging her cub


Photography Days March 1-13 

Day 1- February 26- Arrive Winnipeg- Stay overnight at the airport hotel. 

Day 2- February 27- Flight up to Churchill & Overnight at Seaport Hotel. 

Day 3- February 28- Transportation to lodge  

Day 4-16- March 1-13-Photographing polar bear moms and cubs 

Day 17- February 14- Transportation back to Churchill and overnight at Seaport Hotel. 

Day 18-February 15 Flight to Winnipeg and Overnight in Winnipeg  

Day 19- February 16 Fly home. 


Included in Package: 

-Accommodation in Winnipeg before and after polar bear safari. 

-Flights- Winnipeg to Churchill Return 

-Accommodation at Seaport Hotel in Churchill before and after polar bear safari. 

-Train- Churchill to Wapusk National Park return. 

-BLD and lodging days 5-17 


Not Included in Package: 

-Any meals until Wat'chee Lodge. 

-Any meals after Wat'chee Lodge. 

-International and or domestic flights to or from Winnipeg. 

-Tipping for Wat'chee guides and staff. 


Trip Cost: 

Shared- $24,500.00 CAD 

Solo- $25,000.00 CAD 

Deposit: $4900.00 

*Solo accommodation means you have your own room in Winnipeg at the Four Points by Sheraton and the Seaport Hotel in Churchill before and after the safari. While at Wat'chee you will be assigned a same sex roommate(s). 

*Please buy travel insurance. This deposit is not refundable unless we find someone to fill your spot. We need a minimum of five photographers to run this trip. If we get a sixth photographer and someone needs a refund, we will gladly refund a deposit. 

Picture of polar bear triplets

*It is important to note that you are extremely unlikely to have your own room at Wat'chee. Unless you are coming up as two friends or a couple, you will share a room with someone. The lodge is comfortable and the food is good. There is no running water. 

*It is also important to note that while I am not guaranteeing you sightings, the approach that I am taking to this trip while expensive is the safest way to book this trip. I have friends who have gone up two to three times on short trips and have not seen any bears or have had very limited sightings. People go up every year and do not see any bears. People also go up yearly and experience very special sightings. My approach maximizes your sighting opportunities, but it is a big time and financial commitment to do it right. 

This trip can be very daunting when it comes to preparation. I don't just accept your deposit and leave you on your own. We will have extensive conversations regarding what clothing will be needed so you can be warm enough to photograph the polar bears.  

March is also the best time of the year to photograph the aurora borealis, so bring your wide angle lens and go out nightly to photograph the light show. 

Picture of aurora borealis



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